Approved CIP 2018-2023

A six-year Capital Improvements Program is developed and updated annually. The following pages contain the City of Lebanon’s 2018-2023 CIP. The cost of individual projects are based on the best estimates available at the time this plan was prepared; actual project costs are a function of detailed study by architects and engineers.

In reviewing the CIP it should be kept in mind that it is one of the community’s most important physical and financial planning tools. It should be noted that no formal action is required by the City Council on financing for years two through six of the CIP (2018-2023); only year one (2018), will be considered as part of the approval process of the 2017 Budget by the City Council. Proposals set forth in this CIP and succeeding CIPs influence the standard of facilities and services the City of Lebanon provides its citizens in the future. As such, careful analysis and evaluation is necessary if it is to serve as a rational planning guideline for necessary community improvements.

This 2018-2023 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is an essential component of the City’s financial planning effort and provides the long range perspective and framework for addressing its capital improvements needs. As a companion to the annual budget, the CIP provides the mechanism for anticipating future facility and infrastructure requirements and ensuring that they
are funded in a responsible and systematic fashion. 

Capital Improvements Program Contents

2018-2023 CIP Projects

  1. 10. Rescue No 1 Replacement (PDF)
  2. 11. Station Alerting System Installation (PDF)
  3. 12. West Lebanon CBD Vision Study (PDF)
  4. 13. Radio Communications Repeater Replacement (PDF)
  5. 14. HVAC Repair and Upgrade (PDF)
  6. 15. Mobile Data Terminal Replacement and E-Ticket Equipment (PDF)
  7. 16. Special Services Vehicle Replacement (PDF)
  8. 17. Passenger Van Replacement (PDF)
  9. 18. Compactor Replacement No 40-07 (PDF)
  10. 19. Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) Project (PDF)
  11. 20. Water Treatment Facility Upgrade (PDF)
  12. 21. DPW Fleet and Equipment Replacement (PDF)
  13. 22. CMOM - Capacity Management Operations Maintenance Plan (PDF)
  14. 23. Mascoma Street Bridge Replacement No 120-115 (PDF)
  15. 24. Combined Sewer Overflow Separation-Utility Replacement (PDF)
  16. 25. Streets Rehabilitation - Reconstruction (PDF)
  17. 26. South Main Street Bridge Replacement No 062-117 (PDF)
  18. 27. Downtown Visioning and Tunnel Project (PDF)
  19. 28. Snow Removal Equipment Building Expansion (PDF)
  20. 29. Replace Airfield Snowblower (PDF)
  21. 30. Runway Safety Area Improvements (PDF)
  22. 31. Packard Hill Bridge Replacement No 154-113 (PDF)
  23. 32. Reconstruct Airport Terminal Loop Road and Parking Lot (PDF)
  24. 33. Personal Protective Equipment Replacement (PDF)
  25. 34. Emergency Intersection Control System (PDF)
  26. 35. City Hall Renovation (PDF)
  27. 36. One-Ton Dump Truck No 45 Replacement (PDF)
  28. 37. Hillcrest Acres Infrastructure Construction (PDF)
  29. 38. NH120 Hanover Street Bridge Replacement No 121-117 (PDF)
  30. 39. Ramp Plow Replacement (PDF)
  31. 40. Ambulance Replacement (PDF)
  32. 41. Engine No 4 Replacement (PDF)
  33. 42. Truck No 88 Replacement (PDF)
  34. 43. Recycling Center Skid Steer No 41 Replacement (PDF)
  35. 44. Landfill Phase III Preliminary Design (PDF)
  36. 45. Mill Road Slope Stabilization and Drainage Improvements (PDF)
  37. 46. Mack Avenue Utility Replacement (PDF)
  38. 47. F-350 Utility Vehicle Replacement (PDF)
  39. 48. Forestry Unit Acquisition (PDF)
  40. 49. Ladder No 1 Replacement (PDF)
  41. 50. Excavator No 11 Replacement (PDF)
  42. 51. Route 4A Sewage Pump Station Upgrade (PDF)
  43. 52. Trues Brook Road Bridge Replacement No 066-059 (PDF)
  44. 53. Mechanic Street Reconstruction (PDF)
  45. 54. Property Survey Exhibit A Update (PDF)
  46. 55. Staff Vehicle Replacement (PDF)