Lebanon Tree Advisory Board

Purpose / Charge 

The Tree Advisory Board shall provide support, education, and advocacy for trees in the City of Lebanon. This Board was created by the City Manager and, working through the Recreation, Arts, and Parks Department, the Board shall:

1. Promote tree health and vibrancy through proper planning, documentation, protection, education, planting programs, and advocacy throughout the City, and communicate with other interested boards annually.

2. Share educational resources to assist landowners with the establishment and care of trees on private property.

3. Consult and coordinate with City administration and boards regarding existing policies and future projects affecting trees. These include City and State public works and public utilities projects.

4. Establish policies for consideration and adoption by the City Manager that provide clear directives for planting, maintaining, and/or removing trees from public spaces and rights of way. 

5. Seek funding opportunities from organizations and individuals to support tree initiatives.

6. Partner with local utility companies to better understand their requirements, and to educate residents of Lebanon about their rights and responsibilities with respect to trees and utilities.

7. Establish a GIS data collection system that treats trees in public spaces as critical infrastructure. This includes data on urban tree canopy, heat islands, and flood prevention.


Board members shall be appointed by the City Manager and consist of six citizen members and one Conservation Commission member, who will serve staggered 3-year terms. Other City department staff shall provide a liaison when appropriate (Recreation, Arts, & Parks, Planning & Development, Public Works Departments).

Members shall elect a chair, vice-chair, and secretary.

A volunteer Tree Warden who has demonstrated proficient knowledge or training and experience with tree health shall sit on the Board, ex officio.


Meetings shall be held at the call of the chair or when requested by the Director of Recreation, Arts, and Parks.

How to Apply

The process for applying for membership involves completing a brief application form. 

For more information about joining this board, please contact City Clerk Kristin Kenniston at 603-448-3054. 


  • Chair, Citizen Member
  • Vice-Chair, Citizen Member
  • Secretary, Citizen Member
  • Citizen Member
  • Citizen Member
  • Citizen Member
  • Conservation Commission Representative
  • Volunteer Tree Warden, Ex Officio