Invasive Plant Disposal in Lebanon

Throughout the Upper Valley, non-native invasive plants have become an overwhelming problem to the natural environment. These plants seem to do very well in this region; both growth and reproduction have caused them to spread into areas at rates that make them difficult to control. Invasive plants have been around for hundreds of years. They were brought to the area as ornamentals, for erosion control, or for habitat creation. Regardless of their purpose, invasive plants are a problem.

If you are removing invasive plants from your property be sure to dispose of them properly. Disposing of them improperly may add to their spread. Many of them are NOT destroyed in the heat of the composting process. At the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility, invasive plants are no longer accepted in the composting area. They need to be disposed of with regular trash. As a result, a disposal fee will be assessed.

For more information about invasive plants in the area, please review the NH Department of Agriculture Guide to Invasive Plants.


If you have questions about invasive plant disposal in Lebanon or about the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility, please email Solid Waste Manager Erica Douglas.