Lebanon Strategic Plan

The City is developing a Strategic Plan which will work in concert with the City’s Master Plan. The focus of the Master Plan is on land use, while the Strategic Plan will focus on the operational issues of the City, as well as other issues outside of the scope of the Master Plan. The genesis of the Strategic Plan comes from the annual Outcomes and Work Plan (OWP), which is department-focused and developed by staff on an annual basis. The Strategic Plan will focus on key functional areas of the City government. 

The development and presentation of the OWP is currently the first step in the development of the annual City budget. By May 2023, the OWP will become part of the Strategic Plan, which the City Council will approve on an annual basis.  

You can easily find this page again by visiting LebanonNH.gov/StrategicPlan.

Strategic Plan Development and Approval

The City of Lebanon began its review of the staff-developed Strategic Plan on April 25 and April 27, 2023, during City Council Work Sessions. Each night featured five presentations on the DRAFT Strategic Plan Objectives and Actions.

Public input for the strategic plan was taken during the May 3, 2023 City Council meeting. City Council then reviewed and approved the Strategic Plan at a special May 10, 2023 meeting. Action items and key performance indicators for each objective are currently being developed and will be ready for the budget presentation in mid-October/early November.

Strategic Plan Miro Board

The City of Lebanon is building its Strategic Plan using Miro, a popular collaborative whiteboard tool. This tool allows the City to work through its strategic planning process in an open, transparent, collaborative environment. More information will be provided as it becomes available, but you can always view the most recent additions to the Lebanon Strategic Plan by visiting LebanonNH.gov/StrategicPlanBoard

Strategic Plan Development Timeline

  • May of 2022 - City departments provided input in the development of the Strategic Plan. 
  • July - September 2022 - Receive feedback from City boards, committees, and commissions.  
  • December 2022 - February 2023 - Community conversations with the general public, the business sector, the non-profit sector, the School Board, and the Lebanon Housing Authority.  
  • May of 2023  - Final review and approval by the City Council.  
  • Mid-October/Early November - Action items and key performance indicators to be presented during the 2024 budget presentation.