Proposed CIP 2023-2028

A six-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is developed and updated annually. The following pages contain the City of Lebanon’s 2023-2028 CIP and other capital projects. In reviewing the CIP, it should be kept in mind that it is one of the community’s most important physical and financial planning tools. Proposals outlined in this  CIP  and succeeding  CIPs influence the standard of facilities and services the  City of  Lebanon provides its citizens in the future. As such, careful analysis and evaluation are necessary if it is to serve as a rational planning guideline for necessary community improvements.

It should be noted that no formal action is required by the City Council on financing for years two through six of the CIP (2024-2028); only year one (2023) will be considered part of the approval process of the 2023 Budget by the City Council. This 2023-2028 Capital Improvements Program is an essential component of the City’s financial planning effort and provides the long-range perspective and framework for addressing its capital improvements needs. As a companion to the annual budget, the CIP provides the mechanism for anticipating future facility and infrastructure requirements and ensuring that they are funded in a responsible and systematic fashion. The cost of individual projects is based on the best estimates available at the time this plan was prepared; actual project costs are a function of detailed study by architects and engineers. 

For questions about the CIP review process, please get in touch with the Planning & Development Office. Questions about individual CIP projects should be directed to the sponsoring department, as noted in the table of contents. 

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2023-2028 CIP Presentation