Hangars, Tiedowns & Land For Lease/Development

Airline Terminal

There are many types of lease space immediately available in the airline terminal building. Spaces include terminal lobby access, curbside access, aircraft ramp access and view, and counter/office area. Please contact Airport Management — 603-298-8878  or airport.manager@lebanonnh.gov — with questions or for  further information.
Terminal Space

T-Hangar & Tiedown Leases

Lebanon Airport offers 16 nested T-hangars that accommodate single-engine aircraft and light twins and four box hangars for larger aircraft. The area is security-fenced and gate pass accessed at the south end of the airport. All hangars are fully insulated, have electric bi-fold doors with safety interlock switches, and an active sprinkler system. Pilots have access to a fully furnished, heated briefing room. Currently all hangars are leased Please contact Airport Management — 603-298-8878  or airport.manager@lebanonnh.gov — to be placed on the wait list or for further information.

Lebanon Airport also offers a small number of Tiedowns as another option if a hangar is too large or not quite what you are looking for. They are located in the same area as the hangars, and pilots have access to the pilot briefing lounge. Please  call or email Airport Management for further information.


Land Lease Area

LEB Airport also has prime area available for lease of up to 45,000 square foot of conventional hangar development or corporate hangar development. The site has all utilities at the ready and offers card-controlled secure access with good vehicle and direct airfield access. This is an opportunity to establish “a presence” often desired for corporate hangars. Please contact Airport Management — 603-298-8878  or airport.manager@lebanonnh.gov — for further information.

Hangar Development