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Engineering Mission Statement

The mission of the Engineering Group is to provide the City of Lebanon with professional engineering services that ensure comprehensive long-range planning, sound project design, and quality construction management, and to provide technical engineering assistance to the Planning Board, Zoning Board, other Groups of the Department and other Departments of the City.

Services Provided

The Engineering Group, under the leadership of the City Engineer, is primarily responsible for infrastructure maintenance, repair, or construction accomplished by contract. The Group provides engineering support to the Utility Operations, Solid Waste Management, and Operations and Maintenance Groups by delivering technical solutions to infrastructure maintenance and repair problems. In addition, the Engineering Group maintains the archives of maps and drawings necessary for carrying out the mission of Public Works. Finally, the City Engineer provides review of subdivisions and site plans on behalf of the Planning Board to ensure technical compliance with City requirements.

Project Design

The Engineering Group is responsible for the design or design overview of infrastructure maintenance, repair or construction projects. Conceptual design to obtain project approval is often accomplished in-house by the City Engineer or by engineering technicians (summer interns). In most cases, Architectural/Engineering (A&E) firms contracted on a project-by-project basis accomplish detailed project design.

Contract Management

A key responsibility of the Engineering Group is contract management. Contract management ensures the City receives the services contracted for according to the specifications developed during project design. The Engineering Group ensures projects are accomplished as specified in contract documents by continuous on-site inspection, often accomplished by engineering technicians (summer interns). For larger projects, contract management is sub-contracted to an independent, third-party engineering firm or clerk of the works. Even when contract management is sub-contracted, the Engineering Group is responsible for project oversight, coordination, and documentation.

Technical Assistance / Review

The Engineering Group provides technical engineering assistance and project review for the other Groups of the Department, other City Departments, and boards and commissions organized by the City Council. A primary objective of the technical assistance and review program is subdivision/site-plan review. The Engineering Group performs technical review of all subdivision and site plans to ensure compliance with City requirements and serves as a technical advisor to the Planning and Zoning Boards. Once the Planning Board approves a subdivision/site plan, the Engineering Group provides technical engineering assistance and inspection during construction.

Drafting and Mapping

The Engineering Group provides drafting and mapping support necessary for carrying out the City's Mission. The Group maintains the City's archives of maps and plans. Maps to support the City's Geographical Information System (GIS) are maintained by the Engineering Group.

Infrastructure Planning

The Engineering Group assists the Public Works Director with the continuous infrastructure improvement planning process. Annually, the Engineering Group develops project descriptions and drawings for infrastructure maintenance, repair, and construction projects for inclusion in the annual Capital Improvements Plan. The Group maintains databases of information, such as traffic count, accident, water flow data, etc., necessary for updating the Pavement  Management Plan, Transportation Management Plan, Utility Master Plans, Facility Master Plans and other planning documents deemed appropriate by the City Council, City Manager, and Public Works Director.

Desired Outcomes

  • Provide timely review of site plans ensuring sound engineering principles are applied and ordinance requirements are met. 
  • Ensure proper preparation, justification, and execution of Capital Improvement Projects approved by the City Council. 
  • Provide timely service issuing and monitoring excavation permits, ensuring ordinance requirements are met or exceeded. 
  • Provide timely service issuing and monitoring driveway opening permits, ensuring ordinance requirements are met or exceeded. 
  • Provide timely mapping support as requested.