Winter Reminder to Property Owners

The Governor's Commission on Disability receives many complaints from residents who have trouble using accessible parking spaces and access aisles during the winter months. The following outlines the legal obligation that property owners have to keep their accessible parking spaces, access aisles, and accessible routes clear of snow, ice, and other obstructions.

From the Governor’s Commission on Disability Parking Committee

  • It is illegal to pile snow into an accessible parking space or access aisle.
  • Accessible parking spaces and access aisles must be cleared within 24 hours of an adverse weather event.
  • Signs designating accessible parking spaces and access aisles that are relocated for the purpose of snow removal must be immediately returned after the weather event.
  • The route of travel from the accessible parking to the accessible building entrance must be kept clear of snow and ice.

Obstruction of an access aisle or parking place reserved for persons with a walking disability carries a fine of up to $250. (RSA 265:74-a). New Hampshire’s residents and visitors will thank you!

For additional information contact Wendy Beckwith at the Governor’s Commission on Disability at 603-271-4177 or