Solid Waste & Recycling Facility

Get your Solid Waste Permit! - Beginning September 1, 2021, all Lebanon residents and residents in authorized participating communities will be required to obtain a permit to use the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility.
Learn how to apply.

COVID-19 Operations - The Lebanon Solid Waste Facility remains open. Please review the safety precautions we ask you to take when you visit. View complete details.

  1. Solid Waste Permits Required

    Please be aware that all Lebanon residents AND residents in authorized participating communities are now required to obtain a permit to use the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility. Learn how to get your permit today. Apply for a permit today!
  2. Don't Trash Your Pumpkin, Compost It!

    After the candy has been eaten and costumes put away, what do you do with those rotten pumpkins out front? Don't throw them in the trash! Compost them in a backyard bin or bring them to the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility and we'll compost it for you. Learn how to compost your pumpkin.
  3. Invasive Plants: Dispose, Don't Compost

    At the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility, invasive plants are no longer accepted in the composting area. They need to be disposed of with regular trash. Find out why. Continue Reading...
  1. Leaves, Brush and Yard Waste, Oh My!

    In New Hampshire, leaves and yard waste are banned from being disposed in landfills. This means you can’t “throw them away” in your trash. Continue reading to find out how to properly manage your yard waste this autumn. Continue reading...
  2. Lebanon Solid Waste Launches New Education App

    The Lebanon Solid Waste and Recycling Center is proud to announce the launch of a new educational recycling and composting web app for Lebanon-area community members who drop off recyclables and food waste at the Lebanon Recycling Center. Try the new app today!
  3. Recyclable? What those little numbers don't tell you.

    Have you ever taken your recycling to the landfill with the hope that what was in your bin was truly recyclable? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Watch a recent presentation given by Solid Waste Manager Marc Morgan to learn how to recycle right. Learn how to recycle right.
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