Vehicle Registration Renewals

Renew by Mail

To renew by mail, simply follow the directions printed on your reminder letter. Please note that we now accept one check made payable to the City of Lebanon for the combined City and State amounts. The total amount due will appear at the bottom of your letter.

Renew In-person

Visit our office during regular business hours with either your renewal reminder letter or your expiring registration(s). If you received your renewal letter and you are paying by check, it is helpful and saves time to have your check made out in advance. Also, please bring your driver's license as the State of New Hampshire requires that we see identification when processing motor vehicle registrations. 

Renew Online

You may now renew online as long as you received your reminder letter and are not making changes in address, vehicle color, etc. We accept credit, debit, and e-checks. Please visit the online registration page by the 20th of the month due, to complete your transaction. If your address has changed, please do not renew online. You will need to renew in-person or through the mail and provide a signed address change form.

Previously Registered in Different NH Town or City

If your vehicle was registered in your name in another New Hampshire city or town and you are now a resident of Lebanon, you will need to renew the registration with the Lebanon City Clerk's Office sometime during the month of registration. Please visit our office with your registration(s), proof of residency, payment, and driver's license. View important information regarding Residency Requirements for Motor Vehicle Registrations (PDF)We expect payment at the time of service. We accept cash, checks and money orders. You can also use a debit/credit card for an additional 2.79% processing fee.

Reminder Letters

Renewal reminder letters are sent by mail generally the first week of the month you are due for renewal. If you have moved or changed your mailing address within the last year, you may not receive your reminder letter as they are not forwarded. If your letter has been returned to us, you may be asked to prove residency at the time of renewal, view the Residency Requirements for Motor Vehicle Registrations (PDF) for more details. Please contact our office with any questions.