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Riverside Park Pavilion & Skatepark


  1. ADA Accessible Riverfront Trail
  2. Horseshoe Pit Area
  3. Pavilion
  4. Picnic Areas
  5. Playground
  6. Portable Toilet
  7. Skateboard Park
  8. Volleyball

About Riverside Community Park and Rusty Berrings Skatepark

The Riverside Community Park. located on Glen Road in West Lebanon, was developed in 2003-04 and hosts a pavilion, skateboard park, horseshoe pit area, picnic area, accessible playground, and an ADA accessible riverfront trail that extends to the Powerhouse Mall. 

In 2015 the skatepark underwent a major redesign and was named the "Rusty Berrings Skatepark at Riverside Community Park" in memory of Tyler Kirschner. In 2017, renovations were completed and the skatepark was reopened. 

Help make the Skatepark 

You can help make the Rusty Berrings Skatepark permanent by donating to our GoFundMe account. The money raised will be used to build new concrete ramps to replace old, worn-out structures. All funds raised go to Lebanon Parks and Recreation Department.

Skatepark panoramic by Travis Paige Photography 2017